Reflections on the first few months at Nova Credit

During my first few months at Nova Credit I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with dozens of engineering candidates, and there are two questions that I’ve fielded consistently: “Why did you choose to join Nova Credit?” and “Since you’ve joined, has anything surprised you?” 

To answer the first question, it came down to the mission and the people. I was looking for other things as well*, but more than anything else I needed to find an inspiring and motivating mission and a group of high caliber people that not only care about company culture but are also a joy to work with. I now have the pleasure of contributing to our mission of inspiring and facilitating the flow of human diversity, and I’m doing it with a team that pushes me to bring my best every day. In my career, I have yet to work at a company that weaves mission, vision, and values into every weekly all-hands meeting, and I’ve come to value that deeply at Nova Credit.

To answer the second question, there have been no surprises because of the many hours I spent with our CEO, Misha Esipov, prior to joining Nova Credit. Over the course of those sessions, Misha held nothing back, and painted a very accurate picture of the current state of the business, the road ahead, and challenges that we’ll face along the way. I was careful to make sure that there would be no surprises ahead, as was he. The opportunity in front of us is massive, as is the work we need to do to fully realize it. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. As we scale our engineering team, I am committed to being just as transparent with candidates and welcome those who push us to paint the full picture.

It’s been an eventful five months. Despite the challenges of running a business in the midst of a global pandemic, Nova Credit has found a way to WFH and thrive. The team’s hard work and resilience have resulted in the launch of our new consumer dashboard and incredible progress on other soon-to-be-announced products and integrations. We’ve added 8 new phenomenal teammates to engineering (high-five to our lead recruiter Karina!), and continue to refine our interviewing and onboarding processes. We’ve spun up a Data Engineering team, and across engineering, we’re making the investments that will allow us to 10x our deploy frequency by the end of the year. Company-wide, I’ve been proud of our response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and our ability to have open conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion, resulting in a renewed commitment to Allyship. 

It has been a very challenging past few months for everyone, but I feel lucky to be able to also say that it’s also been a very rewarding time. I feel hopeful, I feel energized, and I’m proud to tackle what’s ahead as a Novan.

*The complete list - a high growth enterprise SaaS business, B2B2C in a domain that I’d developed expertise in, investors that I admire, and a problem space that would necessitate building a world-class engineering team.