Webinar: U.S. Immigration in the Age of Coronavirus

March 30, 2020, 10am PT / 1pm ET


We've heard from many newcomers and employers worried about immigration status. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led governments across the world to implement a range of temporary immigration-related measures in order to contain the spread. In light of these developments, many individuals who have recently moved or are hoping to move to the U.S. may find themselves grappling with uncertainty.

Watch the webinar and hear from a panel of experts on how the immigration landscape is changing in the face of travel bans and restrictions.  This webinar is brought to you by Nova Credit, Bridge, ImmiPartner and Clark Hill.

Discussion topics

  1. Traveling to the U.S. as a noncitizen during this time 

  2. The effect of coronavirus testing on ongoing visa and green card applications

  3. Facing restrictions on domestic and international travel without violating visa laws

  4. How to schedule visa appointments when U.S. consulates, embassies and other government agencies are closed 

  5. The longterm view on how U.S. immigration is likely to evolve

Watch this on-demand webinar about how U.S. immigration is changing for newcomers in the age of coronavirus. 

The views expressed are the opinions of the panel participants and are not provided or endorsed by Nova Credit Inc.