Apply for a U.S. credit card using your international credit history

ForeignAdmits has partnered with Nova Credit to help you as you move to the United States. Nova Credit can use your international credit history from select countries to help you apply for a U.S. credit card as a U.S. newcomer.

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Available to newcomers without U.S. credit history from:

Australia Brazil Canada Dominican Republic India Kenya Mexico Nigeria United Kingdom

What others are saying

"Through Nova importing my U.K credit history, I was able to instantly get approved for an American Express with a modest credit limit. In the twelve months since that first credit card, I have been able to build a good credit score, quickly. This has given me better interest rates, cards with great rewards benefits and a much easier time overall.

Life in the U.S can be difficult when you have no credit history, and thanks to Nova I didn't have to worry about that."

Testimonial from Phil G.