Dispute Resolution

How do I get a copy of my Nova Credit Report?

When you apply for a product using your international credit history, you will receive an email with a link to access your Nova Credit report. Once you click the link in the email, you’ll be asked for your Last Name (surname) and Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY). Please fill those out in order to download your report.

If you are still unable to access your report, please email help@novacredit.com

How can I reach out to Nova Credit?

If you have any questions, contact us at help@novacredit.com. You can also chat with us on our website. In order to submit a dispute, you may do so by completing the form below. You can also reach us via phone and leave a message at (844) 423-1345.

Please note that Nova Credit is not currently processing disputes by mail due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do I correct information on my Nova Credit Report?

Inaccurate, negative information may lower your credit score and might indicate fraudulent activity. If you believe that information contained in your credit report from Nova Credit is inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise incorrect, you can initiate a dispute by submitting our dispute form below. Once Nova Credit has checked your credit passport and the information received from the foreign credit bureau, we may ask you to dispute directly with the bureau that supplied the original information. In those cases, contact information for our bureau partners can be found here.

To initiate a dispute regarding your international credit history with Nova Credit,please submit the online dispute form for the fastest response time.

How do I correct information used for my income or employment verification?

If you believe there are errors in the data utilized for your income or employment verification, please contact help@novacredit.com

Dispute Form

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