Help us create a world beyond borders

Nova Credit was built with a singular mission: to inspire and facilitate the flow of human diversity, helping the world's moving population to arrive and thrive.

Lack of a domestic credit report history keeps millions of people who move to the U.S. from realizing their dreams. We enable newcomers to the U.S. to share the credit history they built abroad with American underwriters to access financial products and more here. With our industry-leading technology, we connect lenders to a more diverse consumer base and ensure access to finance for millions of people each year.

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Nova 101

Company values

We're in the business of credit, so we like to give credit where credit is due. Our company culture is built on supporting each other's efforts and recognizing each other's contributions.

Our values grew organically along with the company. For example, our value of "Tie your neighbor's shoes" is the result of a co-founder's broken arm, which prevented him from—literally—tying his shoes. Novans pitched in to keep him from tripping, in more ways than one.

We strive to create a workplace where people can bring their whole selves and find opportunities for growth.

Tie your neighbor's shoes

Play as a team, win as a team!

Chug like a train, soar like a plane

Be a go-getter and always ready to get your hands dirty!

Build bridges, not walls

We believe in supporting the traditionally disadvantaged.

Challenge without ego

Don't let your ego get in the way of truth.

Diversity in all things

From people to product to thought

Nova Credit's products and workforce embody our mission to inspire and facilitate the flow of human diversity. As of late 2019, more than two-thirds of our workforce is composed of immigrants to the U.S., but that is not the only kind of diversity we embrace. We strive for diversity of thought, communication, background, experience and more. Our goal is to create a culture where Novans feel comfortable bringing their entire selves to work, sharing ideas and asking for coaching in a sale, welcoming atmosphere.

We're also stepping up investments to create an even more diverse and inclusive company. How?


We strive to build teams across our organization where people can share unique views informed by their identities.


From aggressively recruiting to fill the pipeline with diverse candidates to our holiday, benefits and workplace choices, we work towards an increasingly inclusive and inviting workplace.


Our product lowers barriers to access to finance for millions of newcomers to the U.S. each year. As we build products, we approach our engineering and design with inclusion in mind.




Customer Success

"I joined Nova Credit because I care deeply about financial inclusion. Enabling broader access to credit history is one of the most powerful ways to achieve that.

My favorite part about working here is hearing from our customers to gain an understanding of how Nova Credit can support their goals and help them grow."


Creating a world beyond borders

The work

People who come to Nova Credit most often mention the mission as the reason they joined, but it's the work that keeps them engrossed daily. For software engineers, it's the quality of the code and the unique data problem that motivates them. For marketers, it's the storytelling and challenge of reaching a uniquely diverse global audience of people who move.

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Be the Best You Inside and Outside of Work

Employment Benefits

Our benefits will help you be the best "you" inside and outside of work.

Medical, Dental, and Vision are 99% subsidized for Nova Credit employees, and 50% for dependents

Nova Credit sponsored 401K plan

On each work anniversary, Nova Credit will reimburse the cost of a roundtrip economy ticket to any destination in the world

Unlimited vacation policy

$1500/year professional development budget

$75/month contribution by Nova towards commuter benefits

Catered lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Monthly team workouts

$50/month contribution by Nova Credit towards your cell phone bill

Flexible working arrangements


The fun

Nova Credit merges goal-setting with team-building fun. We'll welcome you with a succulent on your first day in our greenery-filled office. (Why? Because co-founder Loek Janssen is obsessed with them. Note from Loek: please water!)

Your colleagues will recognize and celebrate your contributions through our weekly tradition of "Nova Credits" in which different team members give a shout-out to individual contributions to our collective success. In between Fridays, we have a busy Thanks channel on Slack.

Get ready to join us in "birthday hotseat," where you can get to know your colleagues while indulging in your favorite cake and partake in regular game nights where you'll battle our execs for the win. We also have company offsites every six months to help the team ideate and bond everywhere from Mexico to Lake Tahoe, Half Moon Bay and more.