Everything you need to know about Form G-1145

Filing a Form G-1145 allows you to request updates from the USCIS via text message and/or email.

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Waiting to receive an official word from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding your application can take a while. Fortunately, technology can now make it faster and easier for you to receive updates.

Filing a Form G-1145 allows you to request updates on your USCIS Case Status via text message and/or email for when your documents have been accepted for processing.

What is a Form G-1145?

Also known as the e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance form, Form G-1145 is an optional document that non U.S. citizens can complete when they are applying for U.S. citizenship and other immigration-related paperwork. 

The form provides the USCIS with an alternative way to inform you of the status of your immigration application other than through physical mail. This convenient option provides applicants with faster, easier updates straight to a computer or mobile device.

Even though you will opt-in to receive these updates electronically, you will still need to provide a physical mailing address as the USCIS will also send original copies for official documentation.

The benefits of using Form G-1145

The primary benefit of Form G-1145 is convenience. While it is good to have original copies of documents pertaining to your immigration-related transactions, opting into providing an alternative form of contact may benefit you for other reasons. If you travel frequently, for example, you may not be at your physical address when the official documentation arrives from USCIS. 

How to complete the Form G-1145

You can complete the Form G-1145 by first downloading a copy from the USCIS website. 

Click here to access the page where you can find the downloadable form.

The form contains a single page that includes a short summary of the purpose of the form, general information on how applicants will be notified, a Privacy Act Statement from USCIS, and a section where the applicant can provide his or her personal information.

To complete the form, you will need to supply the following:

  • Last name of the applicant/petitioner

  • First name of the applicant/petitioner

  • Middle name of the applicant/petitioner

  • Valid email address

  • Mobile phone number

There is no fee associated with downloading and filing Form G-1145. Once you provide the requested information and submit it, USCIS will be able to send you a text message or email notification regarding the status of your application. 

You may receive these notifications within 24 hours of your application’s acceptance. In some cases you may receive notifications a few days after your application has been received by the USCIS. After they assess your application, confirm the details, and process the payment, they will notify you via your preferred method of contact.

What other forms are eligible with Form G-1145? 

Form G-1145 may only be used with the following forms: 

  • Form I-90: An application used to replace a permanent resident card, such as a Green Card.

  • Form I-130: A petition for alien relatives.

  • Form I-485: An application to adjust status, such as for a foreign national who married a U.S. citizen. 

  • Form I-765: An application for employment authorization, which is needed before foreign nationals can be employed in the U.S. 

  • Form N-400: An application for naturalization for those who would like to become a U.S. citizen. 

When to complete a Form G-1145

You should complete and file a Form G-1145 when your application or petition is ready to be submitted at a USCIS Lockbox facility — a service that accepts and processes payments for the USCIS. 

How to access the Form G-1145

Form G-1145 can be accessed on the USCIS website

From the website, you can download the form as a PDF file. Next, complete all the necessary fields with the requested information, making sure that the information you provide is accurate. You can choose to provide the USCIS with your mobile phone number, your email address or both. 

Once the form is completed, you can print and attach it to the front of the application or petition papers to be submitted to the USCIS.

Where can a Form G-1145 be filed? 

A Form G-1145 must be filed at a USCIS Lockbox facility, along with other required paperwork for your application or petition. Every state has a different address for their USCIS Lockbox. Your application will need to be sent to the correct address depending on the state that you are sending it from. 

Is there a cost associated with Form G-1145? 

No, there is no cost associated with Form G-1145. It is free to download and file. Moreover, the form is not compulsory, meaning that you are not required to complete it; it is an optional form that is meant to provide convenient updates for applicants. 

Are Form G-1145 and Form I-797 C the same? 

No, Form G-1145 and Form I-797 C are not the same and should not be confused. 

Form G-1145 is an e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance form that enables you to request  the USCIS to send a text message and/or email when they have reviewed and accepted your immigration-related paperwork. 

Form I-797 C, on the other hand, is issued by the USCIS and serves as a form of notification regarding the status of your case. It can include the following information: 

  • Receipt number (case number) confirming that the payment for your application has been received and accepted

  • Transfer notice to let you know if your case has been transferred to another location 

  • Rejection notice in the event that your application is rejected

  • Appointment notice including the date, time, and location of any new appointments or re-scheduled appointments

The takeaway

Form G-1145 can make it possible for you to receive faster updates via text messaging, email, or both for immigrated-related paperwork, all thanks to technology. 

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