The Case for Cash

Including the Credit Excluded

Traditional credit underwriting practices have unintentionally excluded 60 million consumers from credit and financial services. These consumers are Credit Excluded not because they’re high risk, but because the current system simply doesn’t assess their potential risk properly. 

This whitepaper highlights recent innovations in underwriting analytics, the need for lenders to improve their underwriting models to be more inclusive and how cash data in conjunction with credit data substantially improves the overall quality of credit risk assessment. 

Incorporating bank transaction data into underwriting practices not only enhances the lender’s capacity to accurately assess consumer credit risk, but has the potential to end the very idea of a Credit Excluded population in the United States.

The whitepaper focuses on:

  • Who are Credit Excluded consumers and why are they unable to access credit

  • What data and analytics solutions are available to lenders and how effective are they

    • Subprime Data Assets

    • Rent, telecommunications, and utilities payment data

    • Enhanced analytics

    • Hybrid data-analytics

  • Why consumer-permissioned cash flow data is the compelling solution for lenders looking to be more inclusive in their underwriting.

To learn more, download the full whitepaper